Electric Fox

I have been bad and somewhat decadent these past few months and I have bought WAY more than I should have. I really didn’t need any of this stuff, except the Converse, since my old pair is full of holes, and the English bag, since my beloved bag has finally kicked the bucket.

From top: I bought a serape blanket…a Mexican gypsy blanket, which I’ve been looking for, for a long time. The bag is by Lulu Guinness (British designer) and it is my first designer handbag. I love the lime and grey print because it has this Sex Pistols feel and that overpowered my attempt to be practical and go with black. The jewelry is all from Forever 21, some of it I got for fun and the dinosaur necklaces are what I bought to take with me on a trip.

I bought my black and white Frankie a pair of custom shoes from Dollicious Customs on etsy and they are awesome. I love the color and transparency and the spikes. They are my favorite doll shoes I own. :)

And then, because I am a nerd, a Monster High grocery bag and it’s totally adorable.

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