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I am pleased to unveil the newest addition to our line of affordable doll accessories: jewelry! My long time readers know how much I devotedly love jewelry, so it was only a matter of time before I figured out how to create some for my girls. The necklaces are crystal or charms recycled from old drop earrings and the rings feature real Swarovski crystals. They were so fun to shoot and I love those sexy pictures of Tori and Apple together. These jewels would be so fun to dress up any of the Monster High or Ever After girls. :)

We have them offered as a single ring, single necklace, necklace and ring set or a package deal with a dress. As always, we are happy to create a custom piece for anyone who asks.


Hello friends! This is my etsy store, where I put my leather goods I deem worthy of purchase by others. I take all manner of commissions or variations. If any of you are interested in buying something, or just have questions, my inbox is always open.

This is my love’s Etsy store with his beautiful leatherwork. You should check it out.

It’s already past time to retire my velvet, which always makes me a little sad, so here are my last two velvet outfits of the season. The red one is clearly from when it was colder and features heavier pieces. The black one is fairly recent; my mom recently bought me that beautiful little dress and I didn’t know what to do with it, so I when with Pif-inspired(see yesterday’s essay).

Fashion Credits: Left Outfit: Olsenboye Jacket, L’Amour by Nanette Lepore Dress, Wal-Mart Tights, Vintage boots and ring on left hand, Necklace from a gift shop, Forever 21, October Origin and Argento Rings.

Right Outfit: Vintage Lesco’s Leather Jacket, Thrifted Dress, Wal-Mart Leggings, Punky Pins Sugar Skull Necklace, Mark Poulin Kitty Ring, Forever 21 Safety Pin Ring.

Pif (An Essay)

I met Pif in the eighth grade, on the first day of school. She looked cool, so I had to talk to her and because of that, we became friends… now, she is my oldest friend. She also became my biggest sartorial inspiration.

I was always the friend who had weird clothes and experimented too much with print and color (I probably still am). Pif was the friend with beautiful clothes that had incredible architecture. Everything she wore back then to school and still wears to this day, are the most wonderful architectural clothes. They are awe-inspiring and terrifying to me; if you were to take one tiny seam out of any of them, the whole garment would crumble. Because she is the only true goth girl I know, her clothes are all works of art to me and they need to be because of her commitment to monochrome. Her clothes, to me, are unattainably perfect, her commitment to black enviable.

But the real inspiration comes from how well her wardrobe reflects her inner loveliness, like a black iron rose… And it was seeing that which inspired me to let myself develop the style that I have, because in the end, anything can be beautiful if it reflects who you are. No one embodies that better than Pif.

As it warmed up, I tried my faux fur coat for a bit, since I am always so reluctant to let my winter coats go, but alas, I have admitted defeat. My mom saw that trippy tree at the university I go to and called it “a day lily tree”, so I had to go see it and take pictures of it.

I really wanted black tights that day, but all of mine were dirty, so I had to do black thigh-highs over blue ones. it actually looked cooler than I hoped and, as you can see in the top one, the blue got flashed as I moved, which is a totally rad effect. I recently made that brown shirt and I love it. I have a total fetish for 1970’s florals…but I have to hem the sleeves… they came out so long.

Fashion Credits: Forever 21 Faux Fur Coat and Skirt, Target Thigh Highs, Vintage Tights and Boots, Shirt Sewn by me, Mark Poulin Kitty Ring, Other Ring is Vintage.

Where I live, it suddenly went from hot to cold. So, here is an outfit from back when it was cold. I’m a bit sad to have to retire my leather jacket for the season, but unlike a wool coat, there is no dragging it out by dressing in really skimpy clothes under it. This outfit had some color blocking with the skirt and tights that was inspired by the shoot on Valentine’s Day and I like the variation better than tone-on-tone for sure. We shoot these in a dressing room for the Hell of it and I love the effect of the reflection behind me.

Fashion Credits: Vintage Lesco’s Leather Jacket, Target Scarf and Shirt, Calvin Klein Tank Top (Under) Skirt Sewn by Me, Vintage Tights, Forever 21 Socks, Merona Boots, Necklace from a Gift Shop, Jewelmint Ring with Stone, October Origin Studded Ring, Argento Skull Ring.

I recently made that bottom blue fox scarf. It was my first unusually colored order, but I actually think it was surprisingly cute. The other photos are a showcase of the different colors I offer and the varied looks these scarves have, even though I try my hardest to make them all look the same. The blue fox also shoes the placement of my labels on these scarves; I wanted them to be discreet, so I thought the underside near the back feet was a good spot.

You can order a fox scarf here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/153290380/made-to-order-red-red-plaid-silver-or?ref=shop_home_active_9

I’m sure most of you know that I love Glamour magazine. So much that I even read their site. My favorite column is “Save the Date”… wedding dress, pretty jewelry, flowers. How could I not find the photos inspiring? I especially love the real girl rings and I am so excited and honored that they featured mine!

I’m sure most of you know that I love Glamour magazine. So much that I even read their site. My favorite column is “Save the Date”… wedding dress, pretty jewelry, flowers. How could I not find the photos inspiring? I especially love the real girl rings and I am so excited and honored that they featured mine!

I recently commissioned my fiance to make this bracelet for me, so I can give it to a friend as a gift. It came out exactly as I wanted it to and his work is really beautiful.

You should check out his Etsy store, here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BarbaricCrafts?ref=shopsection_shophome_leftnav


Horses, Horses, Horses!

Oh how I love them, always have, always will. I follow the Safe Haven Horse Rescue on Facebook. They are always rescuing horses taking care of them and finding them new homes. It is an expensive undertaking. I wanted to help in some small way so I donated this cream huggy pony to them for there Spring Gala. It is a fundraiser to help them continue their good work.I hope that this pony finds a new home with someone who loves him/her. And that he/she fetches a good price through auction or raffle to help support this worthy cause.

If you would like a huggy pony of your own one can be custom ordered here:


This is a very good cause and we make a point to donate to things like this when we can. Patronizing our shop let’s us continue to do this.